The Gamrie Goat - Handmade Scottish Goats Milk Soap. Goats milk soap made with milk from my own goats and the best oils and butters I could find - including shea butter cocoa butter and olive oil. Unscented uncoloured beautifully moulded in the shape of a goat and kid. The Gamrie Goat Banff Aberdeenshire Scotland UK.
The Gamrie Goat Handmade Scottish Goat's Milk Soap

Made In Scotland by Christine Ralph.

My soap is made on a Scottish croft with milk from happy goats. Made in Gamrie, Aberdeenshire, using milk from my small herd of goats and the best oils and butters that I could find, including Shea butter (now widely recognised as an excellent skin product) Olive oil, Coconut oil and Cocoa butter. I designed this soap for myself, having found commercial soaps too harsh on my skin. I do not add any fragrance or unnecessary chemicals, and each bar is handmade by myself. I hope that as well as enjoying looking at it you will use it and enjoy the silky soft lather for yourself.

Unlike many other soaps which claim to be handmade, ‘The Gamrie Goat’ is a made with raw ingredients (cold pressed, or CP soap) A lot of the brightly coloured, highly fragranced soaps are what is known as ‘melt and pour’. A block of glycerine based solid base is purchased, melted in the microwave, colours and scents are added (often cheap fragrance oils as opposed to essential oils), and poured into moulds . They are then sold as ‘handmade’. Unfortunately these soaps tend to have a lot of chemicals added in order to enable the ‘melt and pour’ process to take place. If you are looking for a good natural soap – look at the ingredients list - if ingredients are not stated – beware!

The Gamrie Goat goats milk soap is an environmentally friendly soap. The Gamrie Goat Banff Aberdeenshire Scotland UK.

There are no added fragrances or colours in my soap. The ingredients are: saponified goat’s milk (fresh whole milk – not powdered dried milk bought from a soap suppliers), saponified sweet almond oil, coconut oil, , olive oil, soya bean oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and castor oil. No water is used in the soap, I use milk in place of water.
People sometimes ask if the soap ‘goes off’, well I have kept bars in a dry, ventilated place for over 12 months and they are still doing fine—they shrink a little after about 6 months due to moisture evaporation so I now put a ‘use by’ date on the label to encourage people to use it! (don’t worry- you’ll be able to get some more) and remember, the goats featured inside the lids of the boxes are always changing—you can follow their lives and loves….


Some other points about my soap are listed below:

The Gamrie Goat Soap is an environmentally friendly soap...
The goats have free access to outside grazing;
No artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used on our land

Packaged in recycled materials where possible
Labels produced by environmentally friendly printer;
Supporting the sustainability of a small croft;
Low environmental impact - minimum waste.
A sustainable Scottish product.

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The Gamrie Goat is also currently available for sale in the following outlets: (check availability before making a special trip)

Balmoral Castle (013397) 42534
Cairngorm Mountain Shop 01479 861261
Delgatie Castle, Turriff 01888 563479
Johnstons Woollen Mill, Elgin 01343 554099
Touched By Scotland, Oyne 01464 851 489
The Speyside Heather Centre, 01479 851359
Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Fraserburgh 01346) 511022
Duff House Country Gallery, Banff 01261 818181
Gardenstown Post Office, Gamrie 01261 851666
White Lodge Garden Centre, Turriff 01888 562924
Phoenix Community Stores Ltd, Findhorn 01309 690954

Also available at: Banff and Macduff Farmers’ Market (last Saturday of the month)
Inverurie Farmer’s Market (2nd Saturday of the month)
Huntly Farmers Market (first Saturday of the month)
Look out for me at good quality shows and craft fairs in Scotland!

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'Like' my Facebook page to receive notifications of special offers,
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